Why are the prices on parts so cheap?

Our business model is a bit different than the typical parts supplier. We make our profit on the membership fee we charge for access to our great pricing. So instead of marking up the prices of parts, we set the price at our cost of the parts.


How much is a membership?

Memberships are only $99.99/year. Most members save more than the membership fee in their first purchase.


When will my card be charged?

Your card is charged the membership fee immediately after creating your account. Purchases are charged once an order is submitted.


Is my membership fee refundable if I decide to cancel my account?

Yes. If it is has been less than 30 days since you created your account AND you have not saved more than membership fee (including savings from discount shipping) then we will gladly refund the difference between the amount you have saved and the cost of the membership fee. Because of our extremely discounted prices, we don’t think it would be fair for customers to sign up, make a purchase, and then immediately cancel their account.

To request a refund, please call (888)-555-5555.


Where will you ship to?

Currently our flat rate shipping ($10.99 non-members; $7.99 members) only applies to the Continental US. This is unfortunately due to the cost of shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and internationally. If you are still interested in shipping outside the Continental US, please call us to place your order and we can provide a more accurate cost of shipping.