About Us

Contractor Supply Club, LLC (CSC) was founded by two Michigan-based contractors frustrated with the high prices of parts and materials they were using every day in their businesses. One of the partners, a lawn and landscape service provider in Southeast Michigan, began doing research to figure out find a source online for the lowest prices possible on blades he was routinely buying for his mowers. After discovering that the lowest prices on the internet were still quite a bit above what wholesalers could get them at higher than wholesale prices, the idea of Contractor Supply Club was born. CSC is a membership-based organization that offers its members exclusive access to prices at or below wholesale levels, in exchange for a small yearly membership fee. Once you are accepted into the club, you members will have unlimited access to hundreds and hundreds of mower blades, belts, saw blades, oil filters, and other related products that you are already they are ordering anyway for your their contracting businesses.